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Beltcover housing seal Honda Helix

Drive Belt housing seal Honda Helix CN250, Piaggio Hexagon 250, Honda Elite High quality replacement part for the hard to find original Honda item. This seal is usually defect after a certain amount of belt changes, resulting in dust/water entering the Variomatic unit. Make sure to inspect the seal on your bike prior to ordering/installing a new belt.

Brake lock cable


Complete aftermarket Brake lock cable/ emergency brake cable with pull handle for your Honda Helix CN250.

Brake pedal rubber Honda Helix

Replacement brake pedal rubber for all Honda Helix, Spazio, Fusion.

Chrome-plated front brake lever Honda Helix

Chromed front brake lever suitable for all HONDA HELIX years and models. Replace original brake lever using your original hardware. Die-cast metal with ball-end styling.

Clutch Shaft Honda Helix CN250

Honda Helix CN250, Elite CH250 clutch shaft. The clutch shaft tends to deform on older vehicles especially when frequently used on bumpy roads, leading to vibration at higher RPM.

Front brake caliper

Complete aftermarket front brake caliper, suitable for all Honda Helix CN250. The caliper comes complete with one set of brake pads. Please note: "the original Honda brake pads will not work with this caliper". Please use our brake pad set part number 13066.

Front brake pad set

This front brake pad set works with our aftermarket brake caliper part number 13065. ----> Please note, the item will not work with any original Honda Helix brake caliper <-----

Honda Helix CN250 drive belt ,BANDO belt from Japen

TBando drive belt# 828 225 This is the best quality replacement belt to be used with the Honda Helix. T Bando, a Cooperation from Japan supplying parts to Honda and other motorcycle makers. This item is extremely hard to find on the aftermarket. (Original Honda part Number: 23100-KM1-003)