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Cylinder Head to exh.manifold gasket

This aftermarket gasket ring sits between the Honda Helix CN250 exhaust outlet on the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold.

Exhaust manifold to muffler gasket

Aftermarket gasket between the exhaust manifold and the muffler on your Honda Helix, Spazio, Fusion CN250 or Piaggio Hexagon 250.

HONDA HELIX CN250 Exhaust Muffler

HONDA HELIX CN250 Exhaust Muffler Fits all years of Honda Helix CN250 This is an aftermarket Exhaust that is HIGH

Stainless Steel custom Exhaust Honda Helix

Stainless custom tuning exhaust, with mounting hardware. Fits all Honda Helix and Spacy 250 By simply replacing your stock scooter