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Aircleaner HONDA Helix, Piaggio Hexagon

Aftermarket Aircleaner suitable for your HONDA Helix or Piaggio Hexagon 250. This aircleaner is made by a supplier for automotive air cleaners.

Carburetor cable set

Two piece Carburetor Cable/throttle control cable set for your Honda Helix CN250. This set contains the throttle activating cable and the throttle deactivating cable.

Clutch Shaft Honda Helix CN250

Honda Helix CN250, Elite CH250 clutch shaft. The clutch shaft tends to deform on older vehicles especially when frequently used on bumpy roads, leading to vibration at higher RPM.

Crankshaft, HONDA Helix, Piaggio Hexagon 250

Complete aftermarket crankshaft suitable for your Honda Helix CN250. The crankshaft comes with both main bearings. The timing chain sprocket and the oil/water pump sprocket are preassembled. The groove dowel to set the flywheel position is also included. Also suitable for Piaggio Hexagon 250.

Cylinder and Piston overhaul set Honda Helix Piaggio Hexagon

Aftermarket engine overhaul set Special. We deliver all items listed below. Suitable for all Honda Helix, Spazio and Fusion + Piaggio Spazio 250.

Cylinder Head Honda Helix CN250

Complete after market Honda Helix Cylinder head, valves and valve springs are pre-assembled.

Cylinder, HONDA Helix, Piaggio Hexagon

This is a aftermarket high quality standard bore cylinder. Fits any 250ccm Honda Helix and is a new part not a rebuild. Dont forget to order our gasketsets or timingchain. The Cylinder is also suitable for Piaggio Hexagon 250.

Flywheel Honda Helix

Aftermarket flywheel part number 12101, suitable for all 250ccm Honda Helix, Fusion Hexagon models. If you are having issues with the function of your alternator the permanent magnets of your flywheel may be weak. The flywheel also contains a rubber damper that deteriorates over time, causing vibration. We offer a best quality aftermarket replacement complete with more powerful permanent magnets.

Flywheel puller

With this tool the Honda Helix Flywheel removal is a piece of cake. Otherwise you will find yourself in a difficult situation, since no standard puller will be perfectly suitable for that job. The puller is bolted onto the flywheels outer thread and pushes against the crankshaft. Our aftermarket puller works simmilar to the original Honda tool part number 07933-KM10000

Fuel/gas cap Honda Helix CN250

Honda Helix aftermarket gas cap, fits all CN250 model years

fuel/gas tank Honda Helix CN250

Aftermarket fuel/gas tank with cap, suitable for all Honda Helix model years. Ideal high quality replacement for rusted or otherwise damaged Tanks.

Gasket set 9-pieces HONDA Helix, Piaggio Hexagon 250

Gasket Set Honda Helix CN250, Piaggio Hexagon 250, Honda Elite, Spazio Gasket set for your Honda Helix CN250. The set comes with nine gaskets you see on the picture. Including: 3xlower engine housing gaskets 1xcylinder foot gasket 1xcylinder head gasket 1xexhaust manifold gasket 1xtiming chain tensioner gasket 1xvalve cover gasket 1xwater pump gasket WARNING: the set contains asbestos !