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Cooling Hose T-connector Honda Helix

Honda Helix Cooling Hose T-connector made from high grade Nylon. The cooling system T-connector is located behind the radiator.

Honda Helix radiator Fan

Complete Aftermarket radiator fan assembly, suitable for all Honda Helix, Honda Elite model years. On older vehicles, the fan motor bearings have the tendency to corrode and therefore create friction thus less cooling performance. The cooler motor bearings will eventually freeze up. Our part offers a complete high quality and easy to swap out low cost replacement.

Radiator fan thermo switch Honda Helix

Thermo Switch for radiator fan This thermo-switch starts the radiator fan at temperatures above 95ºC. It is bolted into your Helix Radiator. A working thermo switch plays an important role in any fluid cooled engine. A failing switch will cause overheating problems and may lead to expensive repairs. We deliver this switch with seal.


Radiator Honda Helix

Radiator Honda Helix CN250 Aftermarket Radiator. Replaces your damaged, plugged or corrodet Helix radiator. Fits any Honda Helix CN250. Important

Thermo sensor Honda Helix CN250

 Aftermarket temperature sensor, fits all CN250 Honda Helix model years. This unit reads and transmits the engines water temperature to your Dashboards temperature gauge.

Thermostat casing cover Honda Helix CN250

High quality aftermarket Thermostat casing end-cover, fits all CN250 Honda Helix model years.

Thermostat casing Honda Helix CN250

 High quality aftermarket thermostat casing, fits all CN250 model years.

Thermostat casing set Honda Helix CN250

Thermostat housing set, contains all major parts to replace a thermostat housing unit, fits all CN250 model years.

Thermostat Honda Helix CN250

A stuck Thermostat is the most common cause for engine overheating or poor fuel economy/poor performance. Most vehicle manufactures recommend to replace the Thermostat well as the coolant every four years. This high quality aftermarket thermostat opens at 72 deg. Celsius and comes with a gasket, so no additional parts are required to finish the job.

Water pump bearing and seal set Honda Helix

Water pump bearing and seal set. Complete 5 pcs. Bearing and seal set for your Helix 250 ccm water pump. It comes with two water pump bearings, radial shaft seal,and pressure sleve. In case the water pumps main shaft is worn out or corroded, we also offer a complete overhaul set, see below.

Water pump gasket Honda Helix

 Water pump housing gasket for Honda Helix CN250. It is necessary to replace this gasket every time you remove the water pumps housing. Gasket is made out a of high quality gasket material.

Water pump impeller

Aftermarket water pump impeller left threaded and made out of aluminum, suitable for your Helix 250 ccm