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Alternator rectifier,regulator Honda Helix CN250

Alternator rectifier/regulator suitable for Honda Helix, Fusion, Spazio CN250. Fits all years.

Battery belt


This rubber belt holds your Honda Helix CN250 Battery in place.

Complete Lock set

Complete lock set suitable for Honda HELIX CN250 This lock set fits any year Honda Helix CN250 and the locks for

Honda Helix radiator Fan

Complete Aftermarket radiator fan assembly, suitable for all Honda Helix, Honda Elite model years. On older vehicles, the fan motor bearings have the tendency to corrode and therefore create friction thus less cooling performance. The cooler motor bearings will eventually freeze up. Our part offers a complete high quality and easy to swap out low cost replacement.

Honda Helix side marker light

 Hard to find crystal clear lower trim side-marker set, four pieces. Fits all Honda Helix years. Originally the Helix features turn-signal or side marker lights only in the front section of the lower trim, the rear openings are unused/empty. Custom made harness required in order to connect the rear side markers to the electrical circuit.

Honda Helix Start/Stop switch

Honda Helix CN250 Start/Stop switch including wiring harness

Honda Helix Turn signal Switch, Light switch

 Honda Helix CN250 Turn signal and light switch assembly with extra high beam flasher switch.

Ignition Coil Honda Helix

Aftermarket high performance Ignition coil suitable for all Honda Helix years. The coil comes inclusive the high voltage wire.

Ignition pulse Generator/Stator, Sensor

Ignition Pulse Generator/Stator suitable for all Honda Helix, Fusion Spazio and Piaggio Hexagon 250 models. An intact Generator has a resistance between 50 and 350 Ohms.

Radiator fan thermo switch Honda Helix

Thermo Switch for radiator fan This thermo-switch starts the radiator fan at temperatures above 95ºC. It is bolted into your Helix Radiator. A working thermo switch plays an important role in any fluid cooled engine. A failing switch will cause overheating problems and may lead to expensive repairs. We deliver this switch with seal.


Starter motor Honda Helix CN250

Complete Starter motor, suitable for all Honda Helix CN250, Spazio, Fusion models. High quality aftermarket product.

Starter Solenoid Honda Helix CN250

Starter Relais/solenoid suitable for Honda Helix, Fusion, Spazio, CN250. Fits all years.