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Taillight Japan Style

Honda Helix special custom taillight. Hard to find Japan-Custom Style taillight, adding the special look to any Helix. Attention: The

Thermo sensor Honda Helix CN250

 Aftermarket temperature sensor, fits all CN250 Honda Helix model years. This unit reads and transmits the engines water temperature to your Dashboards temperature gauge.

Thermostat casing cover Honda Helix CN250

High quality aftermarket Thermostat casing end-cover, fits all CN250 Honda Helix model years.

Thermostat casing Honda Helix CN250

 High quality aftermarket thermostat casing, fits all CN250 model years.

Thermostat casing set Honda Helix CN250

Thermostat housing set, contains all major parts to replace a thermostat housing unit, fits all CN250 model years.

Thermostat Honda Helix CN250

A stuck Thermostat is the most common cause for engine overheating or poor fuel economy/poor performance. Most vehicle manufactures recommend to replace the Thermostat well as the coolant every four years. This high quality aftermarket thermostat opens at 72 deg. Celsius and comes with a gasket, so no additional parts are required to finish the job.

Timing chain tensioner/guide set

Honda Helix CN250 Timing chain tensioner and guide. This aftermarket set is a reliable replacement for the original parts.

Timing chain, HONDA Helix, Piaggio Hexagon 250

 Timing chain HONDA Helix CN250,  Honda Fusion, Piaggio Hexagon 250. Honda Helix CN250 timing chain. If your Helix engine has rattel noises in idle (inside the cylinder) , the most common cause is a worn timing chain. This aftermarket part is a reliable high quality replacement. Dont forget to order the tensioner set with this set, both can be found in the shop.

Trunk hinge Set Honda Helix

Honda Helix trunk hinge set. We deliver as illustrated.

Trunk liner Honda Helix

Trunkliner suitable for all Honda Helix/Fusion years. Made from thermo pressed automotive carpet. Better quality and look than the Original Honda part made from foam.

Trunk stopper cable Honda Helix

Trunk lid stopper cable with retainer clips, we deliver as illustrated.

Valve set with seals Honda Helix CN250

Complete valve set includes exhaust and intake valve. The ideal set to overhaul high mileage cylinder heads. We deliver with springs and stem seals and hardware. Check attached picture. The set fits all Honda Helix, Fusion model years.