Rear shocks Honda Helix

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Rear shocks Honda Helix

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Review by Christopher G
I just purchased a pair of these for my 1992 Helix with 22,000 miles on it. Compared to the stock shocks, these are about 3/4\" taller. The springs are tighter wound and considerably stronger/stiffer than stock springs. I was looking for stronger spring rate, compression damping and rebound damping than stock to eliminate \"pogoing,\" especially in corners. The spring rate and stiffness is more than I thought possible for my 250 lbs.! It definitely will take a MAJOR pothole to bottom out the rear now. The bike also sits higher in the rear, so much so that on the center stand the rear tire is lightly touching the ground. If you are a light (less than 200 lbs) rider who doesn\'t carry a passenger or heavy cargo then I recommend against these shocks. For a larger rider (c\'mon, we are the biggest Helix demographic, right?), or someone who rides with passengers often these will be a solution to bottoming out the rear or just mushy handling.

I have mixed feelings about the stiffness of the springs as rides on bumpy roads transmit more of the impact to my body, but the plus side is that the compression and rebound damping seem robust as well, so the pogo effect is greatly diminished. There is still a bit there, however, so I will probably try a pair of the front shocks available on this site pretty soon to see how having these shocks all around affects handling. I do know that bad bumps bottom out the front now where the rear just glides over the same bump.

I used to have Hagon shocks on a 1993 Helix I owned previously, and those shocks gave less harshness but they actually squeaked all of the time and had a short useable life before blowing seals and leaking oil - I went through two sets in two years! I think these shocks feel a bit less refined but will give greater safety on bumpy roads with passengers, and will hopefully get rid of the \"wallowing\" in fast corners (when combined with new front shocks and new tires, my tires are ready to be replaced as well).

All-in-all they look similar in construction to the stock shocks, except with a chrome steel body rather than the brushed alloy body of the stock units, and also the stronger springs with more rungs than stock and progressive windings. The damping rods look strong and came with grease applied to them and had no nicks. The side with the lower bracket (right) came with a new brass-color bolt that was smaller in length and head size than the stock bolt, and without the washer built into the head like stock, so I reused the stock bolt.

I will write more when I have more miles on these shocks. (Posted on 4/23/2012)
Review by Brett R
Great rear shocks. Much beefier than the oem shocks. Although not adjustable, these seem much more like motorcycle shocks and I consider them an upgrade. So far I\'ve experiences much better handling. They provide a stiffer ride, but I consider that to be a good thing. I will report more later, but I assume I\'ll also get better fuel mileage and longer tire tread wear. And to top it all off, Helix parts upgraded me to priority mail for no additional charge and had my order to my door in about three days. (Posted on 10/26/2008)

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